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This is China Soccerballs home page we will see how soccerballs are made, where, quality levels as well as we want to know more about the chinese male and female national teams.

Soccer balls are incredibly complex to make nowadays compared to what the first commercial models were. Here's a video that explains more than a thousand words.

All the different steps needed to make the new generations of Soccer balls are pretty labor intensive. Most of the world's production used to be located in Sialkot, Pakistan. After a major outrage from the international community preceeding the 1996 Atlanta Olympic games related to the poor production conditions and child labor involved in the making of the balls in Sialkot, an agreement was reached with all the local producers to stop the use of children labor. This event had put pressure on the labor prices in Pakistan and reverted in some of the production being allocated to other countries by some major companies. We do recommend that all importers choose a chinese company that adheres to international treaties concerning that sensitive issue.